COVID-19: The Saga Continues

The Blind Pig is open...sort of. 

  • Due to the current COVID restrictions, the Big Pig on Walnut Street is currently closed. The Brewpub on Neil Street is open with outdoor seating only from 3-7pm Tuesday-Saturday. 

  • Deliveries have resumed!! We salute the good services of Del the Delivery Dino and his handler Michael, but Del is remaining in retirement for the moment. Don't worry, your beer will be in good hands! Here's how it works:

    • All orders must be placed online here or call (217) 398-5133

    • All orders will be pooled and delivered at the same time (6pm give or take)

    • All orders will have a $5 delivery fee

    • 15 mile radius of Champaign

  • We will also have a curbside pickup option. We have a parking spot reserved out in front of the brewery on Neil St. If you go with curbside, please park there and give us a call when you arrive for your order.

  • As always...anytime you interact with a member of our staff, please be wearing a mask. That is not an option. all.

While we might feel like old hats at this by now, things continue to change quickly and often. Thank you for sticking with us as we figure this whole thing out. It's tough, but our community is tougher! Your continued support during this difficult time means the world to us. You make the beer of Champaign possible. 


Orders may be placed in advance by calling 217-398-1532 or by going to our ONLINE ordering site. Check out our social media to be the first to know when new beers go on tap and to stay up to date with us!

Stay safe out there, friends!


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The Blind Pig Co. 

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The Blind Pig Brewery 

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