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Red Currant Wheat

Lightly fruity and tart red currants make a playful companion to our smooth American wheat beer. The assertive tartness of red currants meet with the soft round flavor of wheat to arrive at a fun and refreshing happy medium. ABV 5.8%


Mangonada Sour

A "slushy-style" sour ale inspired by the frozen sorbet treat from Mexico. Loaded with, what's the technical term?... ah, yes, a "buttload" of mango puree, it is offered with the traditional chamoy sauce drizzle and Tajin seasoning for a nice balance of sweet and savory and citrus. 

Hey Porter!
Our English style porter is made with pale chocolate malt, black patent malt, and a fruity yeast. Not as roasty as a stout and not as hoppy as a Black IPA, just an easy drinking dark session ale. ABV 4.5%

Lockdown Lager

This dry-hopped lager will make even a lockdown easier to swallow.

Galaxy Pale Ale

Tropical fruit, dank, and delicious. Bam! The super pale malt base gives a kiss of sweetness for balanced flavor and we added the perfect amount of hop bitterness to punctuate each sip with a quick, clean finish. ABV 6%

Smoked Weizen

This light and crisp golden ale featuring Citra and Centennial hops was fermented with Kveik Hornindal yeast which adds a deliciously complex and slightly peppery note on top of the citrus, floral, and pale malt flavors of a premium golden ale. ABV 4.6%


Blind Pig U of IPA
Blind Pig set pHAZErs to stun
Blind Pig Blue Pils
Blind Pig Columbia St. Coffee Stout
Blind Pig Reserve

Blind Pig Scary Cherry Milk Stout

Blind Pig 10th Anniversary BA Imperial Stout

Blind Pig Curtis Orchard Hard Cider


Revolution Freedom of Speach

Big Pig​

Blind Pig Co.
120 N. Walnut St.



Blind Pig Reserve
Blind Pig Barrel Aged Wee Heavy
Blind Pig 10th Anniversary BA Imperial Stout
Blind Pig Blue Pils
Blind Pig Columbia St Coffee Stout


Pabst Blue Ribbon

North Coast Cranberry Quince Berliner Weisse
Weihenstephaner Hefeweiss
Founders Rubaeus Nitro
Delirium Tremens

Coming Soon...

  • Black Currant Sour

  • Dry Hopped Lager

  • Uberweizen

  • Black Currant Hard Seltzer

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The Blind Pig Brewery 

Location: 120 N Neil Street, Champaign, IL 61820

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