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Blind Pig Oktoberfest


Blind Pig U of IPA

Our flagship IPA. An approachable, well-balanced IPA that’s perfect for new and experienced IPA lovers alike.


Blind Pig Blue Pils

Crisp, refreshing lager showcasing our brewers’ delicate sensibilities in a beer with nowhere to hide imperfections. Perfect for hammock relaxin’ and cloud counting on...pretty much any day of the week. We won’t tell.

Blind Pig Columbia Street Coffee Stout

A personal favorite Pig beer for years! Smooth, roasty stout made with cold-brewed coffee (Black Velvet and Sumatra) from our neighbors at Columbia Street Roastery. Wake up and have a pint! Or have a pint and wake up!

Blind Pig Buddy Christ Porter

Weighing in around 8.5% abv, this porter features vanilla & “peppermint mocha coffee” from our friends around the corner on Columbia Street. Sinfully good! 7.8% ABV.

Blind Pig Cosmic Balance

We used the Cosmic Punch yeast from our friends at Omega Yeast which provides {really cool beer-sciency stuff about thiols and biotransformation and compounds, etc that we can talk about if you really wanna know} and boils down to “hot damn…this is a fantastic IPA and imma have another immediately!” Hefty grapefruit, passion fruit, and guava aromas. Full, citrus flavor teeters delicately in sync with the spicy, piney hoppiness.

7.3% ABV


Blind Pig Raspberry Wheat

A harbinger of spring! This fruity beer is delightfully pink with just the right amount of berry flavor. 


Blind Pig Piggy Pop: Original 

Popsicle-inspired sour ale with cherry, lime, and raspberry is *IT* for this summertime heat!

Blind Pig Curtis Orchard Hard Cider

Our friends down the road at Curtis Orchard in Savoy provide us with a unique blend from a variety of about 4 or 5 types of apples. We aggressively ferment away the sugars until we’re left with a delightfully refreshing, dry cider. Absolutely no additives...all natural. ABV: 6.9%

Blind Pig Reserve

American Lager ABV 4.5%

Blind Pig Set pHAZErs to Stun

Flaked oats, inter-galactic hops, and a touch of that tingly feeling you get from being teleported through space. Beer me up, Scotty, indeed!

Blind Pig Seduced by the Juice

Sour IPA ABV 6.9% (nice)

Blind Pig Piggy Pop: Peanut Butter Fudge 

An imperial milk stout with loads of real, roasted peanuts were enthusiastically chucked in this big, velvety milk stout. We added copious amounts of chocolate cacao nibs from Ethereal Confections from Woodstock, IL. Everything came together phenomenally to result in a bold, smooth, chocolaty, peanut-buttery absolute banger. Rich, without being sickeningly sweet. ABV: 8.6% (Contains peanuts and lactose)

Blind Pig Neon Party Blazer

Kiwi Strawberry Blonde Ale ABV 4.5%

Original Sin Hard Cider

ABV 6%

Coming Soon...

  • Hattori Hanzo

  • Reservesa Lager

  • Wookie Snacks

Big Pig​

Blind Pig Co.
120 N. Walnut St.



Blind Pig Raspberry Wheat

Blind Pig Piggy Pop: Peanut Butter Fudge

Blind Pig Reserve American Lager

Blind Pig U of IPA
Blind Pig Set pHAZErs to Stun
Blind Pig Blue Pils

Blind Pig Columbia Street Coffee Stout

Blind Pig You Blue Wit

Blind Pig Reserveza

Blind Pig Buddy Christ Porter
Blind Pig Curtis Orchard Hard Cider


White Oak #charming AF

Triptych Perchance

Destihl Strawberry Lemon Sour Seltzer

Founders CBS 2018

Founders KBS 2019

Stone Tangerine Express

Keg Grove Malo Pina Colada Wheat Pilsner

Riggs Hefeweizen

Lil Beaver Djinn

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Founders Rubaeus

Duchesse De Bourgogne


Delirium Tremens

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