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Blind Pig Brewery
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Sponge-Pig Sour-Pants (aka Grilled Pineapple Sour)

Wisps of smokiness linger around the edges of the palate as a sinister twinge of pineapple tartness playfully works its way around your tongue. In this pilot version of our CSI: Grilled Pineapple Sour, all signs point to the brewers as the likely culprits in this delicious sour ale. We can detect the telltale soft, pillowy feel of the yogurt cultures used in the souring process.  It would be a crime to miss this one. Squidward would be ashamed! ABV 5.9%

Strata DIPA

A west-coast-ish double IPA brewed with Strata hops which pack a punch of strawberry aromas and flavors. Easy levels of caramel malt for a smooth, light-bodied, unboozy, dry-finishing DIPA. ABV 8%

Lockdown Lager

This dry-hopped lager will make even a lockdown easier to swallow.

Blind Pig Seltzer!

Our very first seltzer! What better for the coldest time of year? Featuring dragon fruit and a citrusy twist, this seltzer will take you away to a refreshing tropical paradise.  

Red Rye Standing By

A red rye ae featuring plenty of crystal malt fo a wonderfully rich caramel cookie flavor. Rounding out the earthy with spicy aromas of the rye malt and Chinook and Centennial hops. ABV 6.25%


Blind Pig Happy Trails IPA
Blind Pig U of IPA
Blind Pig Blue Pils
Blind Pig Columbia St. Coffee Stout

Bling Pig Raspberry Wheat

Blind Pig Curtis Orchard Hard Cider

Blind Pig 2019 Pig Daze


Coming Soon...

  • Dry Hopped Lager

  • Black Currant Hard Seltzer

  • A vaccine? Oh wait, that's not a beer...

Big Pig​

Blind Pig Co.
120 N. Walnut St.



Blind Pig 10th Anniversary BA Imperial Stout

Blind Pig Hellerbock

Blind Pig Reserve

Blind Pig Set pHAZErs to Stun
Blind Pig Blue Pils

Blind Pig Coffee Stout

Blind Pig Raspberry Wheat

Blind Pig Happy Trails IPA
Blind Pig Curtis Orchard Hard Cider


Pabst Blue Ribbon

Stone Delicious IPA
Weihenstephaner 1516 Kellerbier
Duchesse de Bourgogne

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The Blind Pig Co. 

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The Blind Pig Brewery 

Location: 120 N Neil Street, Champaign, IL 61820

Hours: 3pm - 10pm Sunday-Saturday

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