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Blind Pig CSI: Grilled Pineapple Sour

This “Current Sour Initiative” entry features an incriminating amount of evidence of wood-smoked pineapple tartness. No one’s talking but, someone is definitely guilty of arson. This beer intrigues the fruited sour drinkers and unites them with the smoked beer aficionados...and attracts the naysayers as well. Fire it up.

Blind Pig U of IPA

Our flagship IPA. An approachable, well-balanced IPA that’s perfect for new and experienced IPA lovers alike.

Blind Pig Blue Pils

Crisp, refreshing lager showcasing our brewers’ delicate sensibilities in a beer with nowhere to hide imperfections. Perfect for hammock relaxin’ and cloud counting on...pretty much any day of the week. We won’t tell.

Blind Pig Columbia Street Coffee Stout

A personal favorite Pig beer for years! Smooth, roasty stout made with cold-brewed coffee (Black Velvet and Sumatra) from our neighbors at Columbia Street Roastery. About a ¼ cup per pint!! Wake up and have a pint! Or have a pint and wake up!

Blind Pig Reserve American Lager

It’s beer. It’s inexpensive. You should drink it. Our run at a classic, light American lager. 

Blind Pig Cherry Milk Stout

Dripping with subtly tart Oregon pie cherry flavor and aromas, this beer deftly avoids the often medicinal/cough syrup notes *some* cherry beers can present. Not this one!!! *chef’s kiss*

The touch of milk sugar gets the body all fluffed up and makes it all silky smooooov for ya baybeeeeee!!! Roasted barley brings about a bouquet of hefty dark coffee that mingles among the luscious cherry notes.

Blind Pig Cloud Inversion DIPA

Double IPA with 100% Strata hops. This beer floats in the ether of where we like IPAs—somewhere in between the fresh fruit of a farmers’ market and the dank-ocity of your favorite dispensary (or perhaps that little box under your living room coffee table...who knows??). Take a deep breath—er, sip—and close your eyes and let its strawberry-ish, passion fruit-ish, one-hitter-ish flavors trap you under that low drifting cloud of hoppy goodness.​

Blind Pig Curtis Orchard Hard Cider

Our friends down the road at Curtis Orchard in Savoy provide us with a unique blend from a variety of about 4 or 5 types of apples. We aggressively ferment away the sugars until we’re left with a delightfully refreshing, dry cider. Absolutely no additives...all natural.

Blind Pig Set pHAZErs to Stun

Flaked oats, inter-galactic hops, and a touch of that tingly feeling you get from being teleported through space. Beer me up, Scotty, indeed!

Blind Pig 2019 Pig Daze Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout rested on cacao nibs and dried chili peppers

Blind Pig Buddy Christmas Porter

Porter with vanilla & peppermint white mocha coffee! Holy moly! Buddy Christmas porter didn’t come to Earth to give us the willies.... He came to drink beer with us! And he blessed us with an imperial porter that is a miracle to behold. The body of Buddy Christmas compels you! To enjoy the divine aromas of vanilla, chocolate, and peppermint. And the coffee is simply enlightening.

Blind Pig Saison de Lewis 

A saison brewed in honor of our brewer Adam’s beloved 18 year old cat, Lewis. Floral farmhouse ale with honey, ginger root, and lemon zest. A beer as complex as Lewis, this saison vibrates with the rich liveliness as intensely as a contented Lewis himself. Indulge in a sip and purr. It’s what Lewis would have wanted.


Triptych These Aren't the Dragons You're Looking For Fruit Ale

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  • Good things, I swear!

Big Pig​

Blind Pig Co.
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Blind Pig Raspberry Wheat

Blind Pig Oktoberfest

Blind Pig Reserve American Lager

Blind Pig U of IPA
Blind Pig Set pHAZErs to Stun
Blind Pig Blue Pils

Blind Pig Columbia Street Coffee Stout
Blind Pig Curtis Orchard Hard Cider


Schafly Pumpkin Ale

Smuttynose 2016 Really Old Brown Dog

Surly Darkness

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Stone Woot Stout

Duchesse De Bourgogne

Weihenstephaner Hefeweiss

Founders Nitro Rubaeus


Delirium Tremens

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