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Our Core Beers

Our mainstays. Our selection of solid performers. Our true loves. 

(Don't worry; our partners understand.)

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U of IPA


Our flagship IPA. An approachable, well-balanced IPA that’s perfect for new and experienced IPA lovers alike. You might learn a thing or guarantees 

● ABV - 6.5% IBU - 66 ● Hops - Citra, El Dorado, Galaxy, Simcoe● Tasting Notes - Orange Marmalade, Orange peel, Light caramel, Pine, research papers

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Columbia Street Coffee Stout

Coffee Stout

Smooth, roasty stout made with  cold-brewed coffee (Black Velvet and Sumatra) from our neighbors at Columbia Street Roastery. Wake up and have a pint! Or have a pint and wake up!

● ABV - 5.4% IBU - 32 

● Tasting Notes - Coffee...lots of coffee. Dark caramel

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Set pHAZErs to Stun

Hazy Pale Ale

Flaked oats, inter galactic hops, and a touch of that tingly feeling you get from being teleported through space. Beer me up, Scotty,  indeed! 

● ABV - 5.0% IBU - low-ish 

● Hops - Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic, Simcoe, Cashmere 

● Tasting Notes - Bright citrusy hops, juicy fluff, space mimosa

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Blue Pils


Crisp, refreshing lager showcasing our brewers’ delicate sensibilities in a beer with nowhere to hide imperfections. Perfect for hammock relaxin’ and cloud counting on pretty much any day of the week. We won’t tell.

● ABV - 5.0% IBU - 32● Tasting Notes - Herbaceous with a touch of white grape and freshly mown hay

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Blind Pig Reserve

American Lager

Our run at a classic, light American lager.

● ABV - 4.3% IBU - what IBU? 

● Tasting Notes - Tastes like it won a ribbon at some kind of fair.

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Curtis Orchard Hard Cider

Hard Cider

Curtis Orchard provides us with a unique apple blend. We aggressively ferment away the sugars until we’re left with a delightfully refreshing, dry cider. 

● ABV - 6.9% IBU - nope 

● Tasting Notes - Super dry with very little residual sweetness. Refreshing tartness can vary from batch to  batch. 

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Have a little Nic Cage treat. You deserve it. 

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